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Instructions and Due Dates


This course consists of five assignments on a topic of your choice. Ideally your topic should be a research assignment for another course you or taking (or will take) or an aspect of your upcoming dissertation project. There is no final examination in this module.

The textbook for the course is:

William B. Badke, Research Strategies: Finding your Way Through the Information Fog, 5th edition (Bloomington, IN:, 2014).

Research Strategies Cover



You will be doing a set of assignments. Before you go too far, please consider the following principles:

Process is more important than product. This course majors on the development of effective and efficient strategies for research. As such, I want to know how you got to your results even more than I want to see the results. I need to be assured that you have grasped the strategies and that you are using them well. Thus you will often be asked to provide information on the methods you used to get the results you reported.

You are not alone.  If you have questions, or even if you're just feeling uncertain about elements of the module, please contact Professor Badke at badke@twu.

Follow directions in your assignments exactly, not because your professor is a hard taskmaster but because proper learning demands that you pay attention to details. Just do everything step by step, and you should be fine.

Be prepared for a lot of feedback from your professor on your assignments.  It is very important that you pay close attention to assignment feedback, because it is a large part of your learning experience in this course.



The assignments in the course are built around one selected topic, which you may choose:

If you have doubts or questions about the viability of your topic, clear it with Professor Badke in advance.  For clearance, contact

Note that you should stay with the same topic throughout the course unless otherwise directed.


        Research Topics options if you have not found your own – Choose one:

Topic Choices


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