Instructions & Due Dates for DMN 905 Research Methodologies Module Fall 2015

1. This online module is located at: http://acts.twu.ca/Library/research905.htm. It is not password protected. The syllabus and all assignments, as well as assignment submission information are available through the above website.

2. The textbook is Research Strategies: Finding your Way through the Information Fog, 5th ed. (Lincoln, NE: iUniverse.com, 2014). See http://acts.twu.ca/Library/textbook.htm. Note that earlier editions are too out of date to be used in this course.

3. To get into our databases for assignment #3 and #4 through our web page at http://www.twu.ca/library, you will need the user name and password from your TWU email account (=TWUPass). You must activate your e-mail account for the password to work.  Read the registrar's information sheet, which you will have received by e-mail. Further information is located at http://www.twu.ca/divisions/information-technology/helpdesk/faqs/default.html

4. When you begin the module, you will need to choose a topic. While the topic is your own choice, it is preferred that you select something related to the topic you are planning to address in your dissertation, though you will likely only deal with one aspect of that larger project.

5. You should first read the "syllabus" in the module website, then move on to "assignments." 

6. I have included an assignment template for each assignment. Use each template link to download a rich text outline that you can you can open in the word processor of your choice. This will serve as your guide to make sure you complete all parts of each assignment as directed.

7. As you complete each of the five assignments, you may submit them to me by e-mail attachment (badke@twu.ca). You need to turn in each assignment as you complete it. If you leave everything to the end, I cannot re-direct you as I could if you went off track in assignment #2. All assignments must be completed with a passing grade in order for you to pass the course.

8. Throughout the module, I am just as interested in how you got your results as the results themselves. Thus I constantly ask what sources you used, what terms you searched with, etc. Please take this seriously and provide the requested information. It is important to your grade.

9. You should contact me by e-mail whenever you are having any problems with the course (badke@twu.ca) My phone # is 604-888-7511, ext. 3906, but you are much more likely to reach me by e-mail.

10. Avoid delay in getting into the module. You will likely find it more of a challenge than you thought, though most students actually survive it well.

11. Here are the assignment due dates:            

Assignment #1: November 10, 2016
Assignment #2: November 22, 2016
Assignment #3: December 1, 2016
Assignment #4: December 9, 2016
Assignment #5: December 16, 2016

If all assignments are not completed by the final due date, you will need to download an incomplete form from
http://www.twu.ca/es  (the "forms" link on the right side). There is a fee, and your grade will be lowered if the incomplete is not due to an illness, injury or family emergency. Note that we have tightened up on incompletes - they are not available for such things as underestimation of amount of work needed in the course, time pressures due to other responsibilities, etc.

Have fun with the course. Research is exciting. If you don't think so, it's only because you haven't been properly introduced to its joys. I hope I'll be doing that for you.