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William Badke, Research Strategies: Finding your Way through the Information Fog

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Preface (William Badke bio) (Updates to Research Strategies, 6th edition) (Live links to each of the URLs in Research Strategies) (Website for courses, syllabi, presentations etc.)


Chapter One Top (Prezi: "No one knows for sure what information is anymore")

1.3: (Martin, "The Politics of Research")

1.4: (Meszaros, "Who's in Charge...?") (Badke, "Expertise and Authority...") (Turnitin, Use of resources) Now only found in a webinar:

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1.5.3: (International government information) - URL has changed to

1.5.5: (Draft) (Authorea)


Chapter Two Top

Chapter 2 (Framework for Information Literacy in Higher Education)

2.1.4: (Elmborg, "Critical Information Literacy")

(Prezi: What is Scholarship?) Use this URL instead:

2.2.3: (Open Access Network)


Chapter Three Top (Trials of Galileo website) - Site is no longer available. Go to instead.

3.4: (Tutorial on the research process)

3.5.2 (Wikipedia) (Britannica response to Nature article) (Nature response to Britannica article) (Badke, W. “What to Do with Wikipedia”)

3.5.3: (Cambridge History of English and American Literature) Smithsonian) (Canadian Encyclopedia) --> Use instead (Baker’s Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology) (Global Edge) (WolframMathWorld) (Computer Desktop Encyclopedia)  

3.9: (research model tutorial)


Chapter Four Top (Carrot2) --> Use instead (Yippy)


Chapter Five Top

5.2: (Video - search engines giving you what you don't want)

5.4: (Flickr) ( Now:

5.5: (Library of Congress Subject Headings online)


Chapter Six Top

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6.4.2: (Journal database tutorials) (Journal database tutorials)

6.5.1: (Google Scholar)

6.9: (Ingenta) (MagPortal)


Chapter Seven Top (Named Data Networking Project)

7.1: (live links to Research Strategies)

7.2.2: (Google Scholar) (Google Scholar “Library Links” program) (Google Scholar Help system) (Google Scholar’s My Library) Now: (Google Scholar and predatory journals)

7.2.3: (BASE)

7.2.4: (Microsoft Academic)

7.2.5: (CiteSeerX)

7.2.8:  (Academia) (arXiv) (Directory of Open Access Journals) (Directory of Open Access Books) (OAIster) (ResearchGate) (Social Science Research Network) (Wolfram Alpha) Now called The Wolfram Language Image Identification Project (Wolfram Alpha's image identification)

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7.9: (Google Scholar)


Chapter Eight Top

8.2: (ERIC)

8.3: (US government Information) (State and local government information [USA]) (Canadian government information) (International government information) (US census information) (Canadian census information) (Data USA) (US depository libraries) (Canadian depository libraries)

8.4: (tutorial for ProQuest Dissertations and Theses database) (Open Access Theses and Dissertations) (PQDT Open) (Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations) (OpenThesis) (DART-Europe) (EThOS (UK)) (WorldCat)

8.5: (RefWorks) (Zotero) (Mendeley) (reference manager comparisons)

8.7.1: (article by Peter Dykstra)

8.7.2: (Medieval Sourcebook)

8.8 (US government information) (Canadian government information) (International government information) Site no longer available. Use the CIA World Factbook - Search for country in top right.


Chapter Nine Top

9.2: (evaluation source)     (evaluation source) (Badke, “Expertise and Authority…”)

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9.3.2: (Qiqqa)

9.5.2: (Badke's Google Slides presentation on plagiarism) (Conrad van Dyk plagiarism video) No longer available

9.6: (plagiarism website) (plagiarism website)


Chapter Ten Top

10.4: (second method for note organization) (Word 2016 “Go to” function)


Chapter Eleven Top

11.2.5 – 11.2.7: (Academic Phrasebank)



A.5.4: (Badke, “The Key Word is Access”) New URL:

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